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Just like cats never knew they wanted cheezburgers until the arrival of the internet here’s a bookmarklet you never knew you wanted until the arrival of now. PJSBox will run any Processing code you have selected in a lightbox. Magic!

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Back in March when I started playing with Processing.js I was making page after page of sketches and it quickly got tiresome. What happened next I guess you could say was “a moment of clarity” in the words of Samuel L. I knew exactly what I wanted to make and after 2 weeks of hacking in the evenings HasCanvas was born.

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//Scribble Thing

This is a very simplistic drawing tool I whipped together using processing.js for a bit of fun on the way to Brighton for dConstruct. If you use Firefox you can right-click on the canvas and then click Save image as to keep a copy of the nob you’re probably going to draw.

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