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Just like cats never knew they wanted cheezburgers until the arrival of the internet here’s a bookmarklet you never knew you wanted until the arrival of now. PJSBox will run any Processing code you have selected in a lightbox. Magic!

  1. PJSBox drag this link to your bookmarks toolbar…
  2. highlight a section of processing code below…
  3. and click the bookmarklet you just dragged to your toolbar.

You can try it out on the snippets of code below. Unfortunately it will not work with code that has been run through a javascript highlighter because it makes the DOM a more complicated place to be. I am working on that one however and will be updating this post accordingly.

Update: there are some bugs with this in Firefox 3.6.2 on mac but if you have any issues in other browsers/environments let me know in the comments and I will try and make the bookmarklet that bit more robust – thanks!

Pie Chart:

size(200, 200);

int diameter = 150;
int[] angs = {30, 10, 45, 35, 60, 38, 75, 67};
float lastAng = 0;

for (int i = 0; i < angs.length; i++){
  fill(angs[i] * 3.0);
  arc(width/2, height/2, diameter, diameter, lastAng, lastAng+radians(angs[i]));
  lastAng += radians(angs[i]);

Hello Mouse:

void setup() {
  size(400, 400);
  background(192, 64, 0);

void draw() {
  line(150, 25, mouseX, mouseY);

Width and Height:

size(200, 200);
for(int i=0; i<height; i+=20) {
  rect(0, i, width, 10);
  rect(i, 0, 10, height);

9 Responses to PJSBox

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  2. g says:

    Awesome…. processing being applied. Love the demos :)

  3. JohanW says:

    Real nice. I hope alot for Processing.js

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  6. Daishi says:

    Wow, impressive ! Nice idea :)

  7. chadbr says:

    doesn’t seem to work in IE8.

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