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Apologies if that annoying opera fruit’s verbal excretions from the Go Compare adverts gets stuck in your head but I was at a loss for a better name.

Fo’compare is a font comparison tool. It uses a little snippet of flash to get a list of your installed fonts allowing you to choose and view them in your browser. It can be used to help decide on font-stacks for CSS or to help the novice typographer learn all the subtle differences between the thousands of serif faces in circulation.

After playing the Font Game from I Love Typography I was determined to learn the nuances of certain typefaces and fo’compare has already taught me a lot. In particular my favourite observation is the difference between italic and regular ampersands in faces like Garamond or Caslon with its rather ornate and beautiful italic variation.

I guess the web page can be used as an alternative to having font browsing software installed on your computer – although in that regard it could do with a better way to browse your installed fonts such as tagging . Maybe in the next iteration.

Try it out: fo’compare